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Mahjoub Cardiovasular Center - Rochester Hills, Michigan
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 35 reviews
 by Jim Finch

Dr. Mahjoub is a highly esteemed expert in the field of cardiovascular medicine. He demonstrates attentive listening skills and promptly takes steps to ensure his patients' comfort and peace of mind. His exceptional medical expertise has been pivotal in saving my life on multiple occasions, for which I am immensely grateful.

 by John Prahl

Has taken care of my heart problems since 2016 and am feeling great. Not a lot of conversation but takes care of what counts. The best at what he does.

 by Jim Naughton

I was introduced to Dr. Mahjoub in my moment of crisis at Troy Beaumont a year and a half ago. Not only is he skillful in the cath lab, but he also offers a clear and concise explanation to all conversations that follow. His office and staff are heads above any other medical practice I have encountered. My worst day was also one of my luckiest days. Thank you Dr. Mahjoub!

 by Toni Ott

Both my husband and I go to Dr Mahjoub. He is very thorough, kind and sees you on time for appointments. His office staff is polite and efficient. He answers all your questions.

 by Richard Cover

I have been with Dr. Mahjoub since April 2007. He quickly diagnosed a blocked artery, placed a stent, sent me to cardiac physical therapy and I recovered completely. Later, he treated my Atrial Fibrillation successfully. He has saved my life multiple times. Dr. Mahjoub is highly technically skilled, thoughtful, and kind at all times. I have experienced his high standards for care. The Mahjoub Cardiovasculaar Center has great, modern equipment and a great staff.

 by Jeanne Booth

I am forever grateful that Dr. Mahjoub was on call and on site at Troy Beaumont last February when I arrived in emergency with first ever cardiac issues. He came to my aid then and has continued to take excellent after care of me since then. I am a survivor! It is so reassuring to know that Dr. Mahjoub and staff are there to help those in need. I highly recommend Dr. Mahjoub and the Mahjoub Cardiovascular Center.

 by Ronald barker

Dr majhoub is the best heart doctor and I would highly recommend him very highly.. I see him along with my mother in law. If you are having issues with your heart he wil get to the bottom of your problem and come up with a solution. He is very good at what he does. I highly recommend him for any heart issues if its a fib or open heart i cant say anything wrong with him - my wife has worked with him at the hospitals before and he has a excellent bed side manner and is very personable and will listen to your concerns. Thank you

 by Anna Goodhand-Allmand

I have known Dr Mahjoub for several years. He treated my broken heart syndrome. Dr Mahjoub let me know that I was not going to die from it because it sure felt like it. I also suffer from A-Fib, Dr Mahjoub dealt with that too, done to explaining how & when to take my medication. Thank you for the Chaplain @ Troy Beaumont to help me deal with the issues of broken heart syndrome. Dr Mahjoub's staff is attentive & understanding. They are always very helpful. I love Dr Mahjoub ❤. He saved my life ♥.

 by Ruthann and Ray Minton

We are fortunate to have this opportunity to acknowledge the excellent care and personal attention that Dr. Mahjoub has provided to us. He takes the time to explain things thoroughly and understandably. Dr. Mahjoub visited us each day during our hospital stays and coordinated with our personal care and surgical physicians. His staff and facility reflect his warmth and quality service.
We recommend him highly and communicate this to all of our friends and neighbors.
Thank you, Dr. Mahjoub for being here when we needed you. We are very thankful for the relationship and services that you provide.

 by Kenneth Templeton

I went into cardiac arrest on 01/20/2021 and was admitted to Troy Beaumont Hospital.
I had no signs of heart issues so I have never seen a Cardiologist.
Dr. Zakwan Mahjoub was assigned to me and I'm so glad he was.
Thank you, Dr Mahjoub for saving my life. The direction you took to get my heart going again to a normal rhythm will never be forgotten.

His office is immaculate. My wife was very impressed with the decor and his state of the art equipment. Also, how well balanced the seating is for social distancing.

If anyone is in need of a Cardiologist Dr. Zakwan Mahjoub is your man.

Thanks again, for getting me back to playing golf.

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